33weeks premie progress

I remember when Katte is finally home. And all i do is to stare at her and imagine how can be she like if ever i gave birth on fullterm. I was like, if only she has this chubby cheeks. If only she has this big arms and legs. Only if she has a normal weight as to fullterm baby. And because of this curiousity, or somewhat excitement, on how a 33weeks premature baby would like as time goes by, i search all over the internet to find a related case of her. I find no good result. And so i promise to myself that i’ll compile all her photos to see her progress and share to all moms that are paranoid as me. And so here it is. Katte at her month 0-2weeks: Weight: 3.8lbs Length: 49cm When she were still at NICU. I go there for breastfeeding.

IMG_3745 IMG_3849 IMG_3947

Katte at 1 month – beginning to form the cheeks

Weight: 7.4lbs Length: 51cm

image(1) image(2) image(3) Katte at 2 months:

Weight : 9.2lbs Length : 54cm

 Katte is 3 months and starts her 3 weeks up to date. She started her tummy time at this month. Here she is:
Weight : 10.3lbs Length : 56cm

image(1) (1)

image(2) (1)


I breastfed Katte for almost a month until my supplies last then she was given a formula milk, Nestle Pre-Nan. Until she got 2months old and been upgraded to Nan-Pro One.

Update** Katte at 4 months. She learns to roll-over and begin to grab things.

Weight :5kg (11lbs) Length : 60cm




Katte at 5months. She started eating on her half way to 6 months. She explore things by grabbing it and put on her month.

Weight : 5.8kg (12.76 lbs) Length : 65cm IMG_6643_5 IMG_7012_5

Katte at 6 months. She can now sits without support but have to guide her because she can’t sit for a long period of time yet. She’s now very playful and active! halfway to toddlerhood!

Weight : 6.2kg (13.64lbs) Length : 65cm

image(6) image(5) image(4) Update** Katte at 7 months. Oh my! She laughs so hard! She learns UP and Down using her hand. She imitates mommy well 🙂

Weight: 6.3kg (13.86lbs) Length: 66cm IMG_8475 SAMSUNG CSC IMG_8220 IMG_8502

Katte at 8 months. She can now sit on her own. from lying to sitting. She’s learning to crawl too. and do cruising. Yes, all at this month. She likes opening her cabinet, pulling off her puzzle mats. She plays very actively and disastrously! haha

Weight: 6.7kg (14.74lbs) Length: 70.5cm IMG_8682 IMG_9110 IMG_9141

Katte at 9 months. She’s a fast crawler now. She cruises everywhere in the house! She’s very responsive when we talk to her. She can do clapping, kisses mom and dad, waving hand when we say bye, close open; She nods yes and no too! Her first two teeth waves hi! 🙂

Weight: 7kg (15.4lbs) Length: 71cm IMG_9587 IMG_9725 IMG_9786 IMG_9939

Katte at 10 months. My favorite month. She’s very clingy to me. She’s really into me! and i super love it. She cries whenever i leave her side. She says mamama and dadada too.

Weight: 7.5kg (16.5lbs) Length: 72cm

image(2) image(3) image(4) IMG_9995

Katte at 11 months. Oh! The few steps on her own! She can walk 3-5 steps then fall. A good fall then strives to get up and try again. 🙂 She likes getting up to stairs and stool chair too. Any elevated things in particular. haha. And oh… her first ever colds 🙁

Weight: 7.9kg (17.38lbs) Length: 73cm image(5) image(6) image(7)

Katte at 12 months. Dandandan! Happy birthday Katte! Welcome to toddlerhood! She can now walks steadily on her own. Few words like mom, dad, no, yes. A very jolly and playful Katte. Thank you babe for teaching mommy to be strong. for letting me understand patience, perseverance and persistence.

Weight: 8.5kg (18.7lbs) Length: 76cm image(10) image image(8)

She’s not a chubby, heavy weight baby though, yet I believe she’s not delayed on her milestone as a premature. And that’s what really matters for us. As time goes by, whenever i see how happy and healthy she is, I never doubted her growth anymore. I trusted Katte that she can develop on her own together with our love and guidance. 🙂

2 thoughts on “33weeks premie progress

  1. It’s really inspiring seeing posts like this. Very nice indeed! ^_^ Not only will mothers who experienced giving birth to premature babies will appreciate this, but also Katie as she grows up. Happy mothers’ day Chet!

  2. It’s really inspiring seeing posts like this. Very nice indeed! ^_^ Not only will mothers who experienced giving birth to premature babies will appreciate this, but also Katie as she grows up. Happy mothers’ day Chet!

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