5weeks and 2 days


I knew i’m preggo when i’m at 5th weeks and 2 days. After having 2 pregnancy tests for confirmation, I felt excited and happy, yet worried at the same time. Happy and excited because this is our most wonderful dream come true blessing and it’s been 10 years, I and Keith were together and finally, we have one we can call our own. But worries arise like, can i make it? Can i tolerate the pain? This is life changing. I can’t imagine myself having a bump and get bigger. Can’t blame myself, those are women’s worst nightmare. But everytime i hardly breathe, i just feel baby’s small heartbeat beating after mine; Everytime my stomach feels empty though i just finish eating, i just think that baby needs nutrients for her developing nose, mouth and ears; And everytime i think of all my worries, i just close my eyes and imagine how he/she will look like. I don’t want her to feel my stress. She’s too young for that. Maybe, i should stop reading pregnancy expectations for now.

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