Baby Headband

Oh finally that i was able to create another baby headband work. Since Katte is no longer using a headband and started to clip her hair, Baby Headband creation was left behind. Whenever i have time, or friends requested to make one; Or giving it as present to new babies as a welcome, that’s the time i was able to able to bring my materials back to work.

Gwen is just using the last headband i made for Katte when she’s 7 months old. She overly abused it! I put it to rest when the white feather concedes.
And finally i was able to make baby headband for tomorrow’s event we’ll be attending


 ohh how i miss crafting! I should find more time to create headbands for Gwen. I want to make more to match her clothes. We’re needing red, yellow, blue and orange 🙂 pastel please! haha
Here are some of my creations that i gave to cutesy babies, and some clips i made for Katte.

inspired by Tata Hosep during His feast day

IMG_9039 IMG_1886 IMG_9119


flower crown to fit her black fairy outfit


Hi-5 clip i made when we watch Hi-5 hits


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