Cloth diaper inserts performance test

We’ve been cloth diapering for almost 2 months now since Katte had been diagnosed with urinary track infection(UTI). Cloth diapering journey is really hard at first. Lots of terminologies, brands to choose from and where and how to start. Most moms struggle at this¬†i believe. But with the help of Katte’s Ninang Mirzi and Modern Cloth Diapering Pinays(MCNP) group, the journey finally became easier. ūüôā And of course as Katte is really a heavy wetter, I mostly gave attention¬†on the performance rather on the cuteness of the dipes haha

Katte is a heavy wetter i may say. Imagine she can full a urine bottle (50-80ml) in single¬†pee. At night while she sleeps, she drinks 8-10oz of milk during 10pm – 6am. She sleeps most of the time between 10pm to 8am too. During daytime, she drinks water atleast 1oz per hour and an intake of mix fruit shakes everyday. So i record¬†the time on how inserts works effectively for us.¬†I end the time of recording when I can feel that she’s kinda soaked already.

1. Kawaii Goodnight heavy wetter (GNHW) cover

  • 2 microfiber inserts (default)
  • 9pm – 4am (7hrs)
  • 10:30pm – 7am (8.5hrs)
  • 11:30pm – 7:30am (8hrs)


2. Babyland bamboo charcoal lining cover

  • 1 5 layer bamboo charcoal insert
  • 1 4 layer pure bamboo insert
  • 5pm – 9pm (4hrs)
  • 12nn – 3pm (3hrs)


3. Alva or Baby Wizard cover

  • 2pcs 4 layer bamboo/microfiber inserts
  • 2.5hrs – 3hrs
  • 9pm – 11:30pm
  • 10am – 12nn

SAMSUNG CSC 4. Kawaii GNHW cover

  • 3-layer Stay Dry Bamboo Cotton Trifold (turns into 9-layers when folded)
  • 11pm – 8am (9hrs)
  • 4pm – 8pm (4hrs)
  • 1pm – 5pm (4hrs)


5. Kawaii GNHW

  • 1 4 layer pure bamboo insert
  • 1 4 layer hemp cotton (china made)
  • 10pm – 7:30am (9.5hrs)
  • 4pm – 9pm (5hrs)
  • 12nn – 5:30pm (5.5hrs)
  • 10am – 4pm (6hrs)
  • 5:30pm – 9pm (3.5hrs)

SAMSUNG CSC 6. Baby Wizard Cover – (but we usually leaked out in this combo. Too thin that it crumples though).

  • 2 pcs 6-layer Hemp Bamboo Cotton Bifold (made of 3 layers hemp cotton jersey attached to 3 layers of bamboo cotton)
  • 1pm – 4pm (3hrs)
  • 12nn – 4:30pm(4.5hrs)

SAMSUNG CSC 7. Kawaii GNHW cover

  • 1 4 layer pure bamboo insert
  • 1 4-layer Hemp Cotton Jersey¬†insert
  • 11:30pm – 8:30am (9hrs)
  • 1pm – 7:30pm (6.5hrs)
  • 11pm – 9am (10hrs)

SAMSUNG CSC 8. Baby Wizard cover

  • 1 3-layer Stay Dry Bamboo Cotton Trifold (turns into 9-layers when folded)
  • 1 4-layer Hemp Cotton Jersey
  • 4pm – 10pm (6hrs)
  • 9pm – 5am (8hrs)


Quantity and amount of pees are variable each time. Daytime performance shortens because of Katie’s activities and more liquid intakes unlike night time. I made this study to define the performance of each¬†combos. I believe before that the more layer of inserts, the long it last. I was wrong… It still depends on the absorbency of each combos that some works well together while others not, even of more layers. ¬†But of course, we still do¬†nappy change every after 3hrs during daytime to prevent rashes, uti and for hygienic purpose importantly. This is simply a study for a while on performance….

This works for us. Yours too? ūüôā

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