Flower headband simple tutorial

When i knew that i’ll be having a baby girl, i promise to myself that i’ll personally create her headpieces. I know this will not be difficult for me because i use to create accessories wayback 4th year highschool. I make beaded necklace, bracelet and earrings. I love handcrafting! I buy materials at Divisoria somewhere Ylaya and Tabora street. My longnose plier is my bestfriend! I buy different kinds of beads, rhinestones, pendants for chockers, wires, nylon strings, locks etc. and i sell them to my classmates/batchmates around P50-P100/set that time. I earn enough doing this so i believe they like my works haha! And so i watch different flower fabric tutorials at youtube and buy materials at Carolina’s SM Megamall. And i’ve been wise enough to save money from buying to Dainty Ashley, Fancy Ava and Celestina and Co. But in all due respect to them, i love their works and this is their expertise; mine is for personal use and hobby only. And of course, in doing this, i’m free of my design and style πŸ™‚ Here are some of works that daddy Keith wore to Katte.


And here’s a simple tutorial to do a flower fabric.

1. Fold the fabric. Get your circle pattern to know the size you’ll be cutting.


2. Make 12 circles.


*Tip: “a fold can double your circle.” Make 3 folds to have 6 then just cut your fabric that can put up 2 circle pattern.

3. Fold the circle. Glue gun the bottom tip to hold.

4. Glue gun on your base felt. Make 4 sides first.


5. Then fill in the gaps. This will complete your 8 sides.


6. And another 4 in the next layer. (Can you see it? Haha)


7. Extra step. Since i have this unused earring, i’ll just use this. πŸ™‚


8. Use glue gun and stick it in the middle.


9. Put the garter. Align the garter properly.


10. Enclose with another felt paper to hide the garter.


11. And viola! A very cute baby headband!


12. The circumference of this is 3.5×3.5 in inches. This is measured using Katte’s chicco bottled cover.



My other works during the night. I made these for 2 hours.




There’s orderliness in randomness! πŸ™‚ in filipino,Β ang ayos ng pagkakagulo!



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