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I receive email from BDO that they have an on going promo with LBC Shipping cart. 7% off when you ship items from them. And oh, the upcoming July 4 Independence Day sale in US! This is one of the biggest sale aside from their Black Friday sale. I share my excitement to my friends and  believe this is the best time to shop online. So i started setting up my account in colourpop, carters, gapfactory, old navy, gap, coachoutlet and kate spade. We must give this a try!

I started reading shipping cart FAQ page to get familiarize on the process. I also searched for reviews about their experience and it was not bad at all to average their assessments.

2. SHOP and WAIT for your items ARRIVAL thru their website. – ***Issue encountered
3. EVALUATE estimated shipping fee – ***Issue encountered
4. SHIP your items to Manila – ***Issue encountered

lbc sa

I signed up and I was provided a US shipping details.I started shopping online in various website and add my US address as my shipping address. “Indicate the Account Number” (i removed in Address Line 1) for this is very important once the items arrived in LBC. 

2. SHOP and WAIT for your items ARRIVAL thru their website
Once shipped, after 3 days, items will reflect under your cart with photos of it. My experience that i was failed to indicate my account number, my items wasn’t placed in my cart and i have to email their customer service thru Contact Us page in their site.
ISSUE ENCOUNTERED 1: I hate this feature! Their replies are late! And i have to resend and create new email for them to reply. I have to give them a call and talk to customer service of shipping cart and they will be the one to create ticket to their US team for all my concerns. And because of different timezone, I still have to wait for the next day to have a reliable response to them. They confirmed that it was delivered and received under my account however, wasn’t placed to my cart. It was updated and i was able to view the items.
ISSUE ENCOUNTERED 2: I cannot confirm the quantity of items that i bought vs. the quantity that has arrived to LBC. They simply took a photos of it without showing the total items arrived. Or the least they can do is to indicate the quantity to the description field from their system. I have to call them again and request to confirm the quantity of the items arrived. gap1 oldnavy on2

3. EVALUATE estimated shipping fee
All items will be added to your cart. You can view your shipping fee by selecting the items you want to ship via air or sea. AIR takes 7-10 days while SEA is more than 30 days. Shipping fee is indicated as estimated but will most likely be the amount you will pay when ready for shipping.
ISSUE ENCOUNTERED: My items from Gap factory is estimated as P7,275.62. We are really bothered about it. We don’t understand how they arrived to this computation. I know they compute for weight vs. volumetric height whichever is higher; But hell no! this is unacceptable. I call again their customer service and ask for a recomputation. Their first assessment, they refer the weight indicated at the box from Gap and the height of the box Gap used for delivery. The following day, LBC granted my request and adjusted the dimension and weight of our items. So from P7,275.62, it was reduced to P3,420.50. sf1

4. SHIP your items to Manila
Once you’re ready for shipping, system will direct you to payment method. Indicate your manila address and select your shipping method if via AIR or SEA. Apply PROMO code and it will recompute for discount. Then ship once done! LBC will give an estimate time of arrival. Default status will be Preparing shipment for their consolidation.
ISSUE ENCOUNTERED: Under Shipments tab in their system, i’m tracking my box on when will the status be change to IN TRANSIT. So while checking for 5 days already (Today is Aug 15, 2016. ETA is Aug 20, 2016). I’ve called LBC again if my box have been ready for shipping since the status is still Shipment Preparation for 5 days already. They said that is was actually IN TRANSIT and the system hasn’t been updated yet. After the call, I received an email from LBC that it was IN TRANSIT and i can now view the shipping history of it. b1

Not to mention that i still encounter issues with LBC and Colourpop, but i supposed i don’t have to include it here since it was actually colourpop’s fault and my issue to LBC is their poor customer service in terms of reply in email and the delay and inaccurate result that i requested to them.

1. They send email in any items update you have.
2. System is easy to use.
3. They have customer service locally to delegate your concern to their US team. They are responsive when they promise to give a call.
4. Competitive shipping fee estimate.
5. Delivery at your doorstep.
6. Free storage fee for 30 days.
7. Good customer service via phone call.
8. Credit card bank affiliates to them for discount.

1. Their contact us page is not reliable to use.
2. Expect delays of response when using email for inquiry.
3. Uncertainty or questionable on shipping fee estimate for larger items like apparels.
4. System is undependable for status.
5. Should improve their system by indicating quantity of the items and its description.

To sum up, I would still prefer using LBC shipping cart next time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “LBC Shippingcart experience

  1. done trust this item they are just the worst my item is already 4 months delay and still its being process, they are lazy and the
    customer care is the worst it takes a month for them to reply, not day not week a month to reply a single email you send. they
    doent care when your item is gone they just really dont care of what will happen to your item they are the worst of all the worst
    shipping company in the world please i tell you dont ever trust this company they are liers and far the worst shipingcart in the

    1. I feel sorry about this. My last experience is the worst. My items are not delivered, instead it was replaced by different items of same merchant. I’m fortunate that Lippie gods are on my side, my package was found but only after 2 months with lots of prayers and hope.

  2. Hi! I just want to ask if you were able to order from using a card or paypal with non-US billing address? I was
    planning to order but I read on their FAQs that they only accept payments with US billing address. Thanks

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