Maternity photoshoot

Baby no. 2 here she comes! I’m on my 36th week when we had this photoshoot at our very own home. I’m so lucky that i got this shoot for free by Blastasia’s vice president, Ms. Tinette Arzadon. And it’s really the best idea to do this at home. Advantage that I don’t need to pack and travel, or get exhausted to pose out in the sun; Outfits are all available and can easily be reach in my wardrobe. Healthy home cook meals are set. And i can get to our bed whenever i get tired from the poses. 🙂 I’m so thankful that their talents and ideas made this shoot perfectly nice. 🙂

I’m so thankful that i have these memories of my bump that i can share with the kiddos in time. Sending a message to them that i gave up those bikinis and drinks to embrace them in our lives. haha 🙂 But kidding aside, Gwen doll is our unexpected or i may say, a surprise gift from God; an extra blessing to our family; an instrument to Katte’s being to become a good and understanding elder; And a reminder to her that sharing is a great source of happiness when one cares.

Here are the shots!
IMG_1731.JPG 11087283_10153183706958485_1973599188_o IMG_1729.JPG from keith's phone IMG_1730.JPG 11099668_10153183707258485_851883888_o IMG_1728.JPG 11132468_10153183707493485_873602590_o IMG_1733.JPG 11106127_10153183706743485_1125133824_o DSC_0014 image 11101311_10153183706043485_42800088_o 11086865_10153183706408485_483136154_o pinksatinpeg-1

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