Out of the country 101

It was my first time to travel out of the country and i may say that this was the beginning of something wonderful. To travel! Singapore is a small discipline country. (I bet it’s not just me who say that) Every place is clean. Yes, everywhere! Even Market. Foods and drinks are not allowed in public places. No side vendors, trash cans everywhere, No smoke belching. Road is green. Disciplined Singaporean made their country a breathtaking place.

But really, this country was invaded by different nationality. Indians had a great population, I may say. Others are Malayans, Indonesians, and of course, Filipinos. I can easily distinguish filipino of course! We bump across the streets and ask for some route directions as we use SG’s most utilized SMRT. But other than that, I saw some works in Night Safari Zoo and Chilli’s Resto in USS. They spoke with Singaporean accent! That’s cute! It shows they enjoy SG. Well of course, Filipinos can easily adapt!

What i really enjoy with my SG experience is unleashing my childhood heart in Universal Studios, Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. My office mate Brett bought us a ticket in Universal Studio as his wedding gift for us. This experience was really amazing. Shrek 4D was good! The story was nice! Children will definitely enjoy this as well as Madagascar ride. Canopy flyer of Jurassic Park is an easy ride as well. But Revenge of the Mummy is really a must-try! Believe me! I don’t want to spoil what was going on here since the entrance of the ride itself makes the guests really clueless. But while taking to the ride, you will a sign that no children below 3ft, pregnant women, has neck and back disorder are not allowed. This may give you an idea what is this about! But believe me, this is one of the highlight! Transformers Movie 3D is their newest ride. To all transformers lover, book now and experience this very amazing ride! I was very into the movie and really feel I am Michaela. 🙂 Waterworld show is very fantastic! This was my hubby’s favorite movie that’s why he really enjoyed this! Actors/Actress performed well. And they really entertained the viewers. Imagine, i forgot to take a video neither a photo so that i won’t miss a single scene! If you visit USS, take note of the viewing schedule of this. Tip, choose the first 10 rows seat. 🙂 Steven’s Spielberg movie effects was really fantastic as well. This experience make me feel like i’m in U.S being disastered. Two thumbs up! And of course, USS is very popular in the Battlestar Galactica Cyclon and Human. This is what you mean by Universal Studio Singapore! Our last stop. Ride is very intimidating. See the loops and how it sounds. That will freak you out! Me and my hubby were very hesitant to try this, but we just ask ourselves, what’s the essence of our USS experience without trying this? Gathering bravery and courage, finally i convinced myself to do this! Good thing, a very friendly American father with his child was with us in the row. He and my hubby helps me ease my nervous. Well at first, it was really scary, but when the ride starts, you will definitely enjoy it!
At Siloso Beach when we are walking to watch Songs of the Sea.
Lunch at Chili’s Singapore.
Eeerr! my favorite Transformers ride.
No, this isn’t Optimus Prime.
Glad i made it! Whew!
With Bing Loyzaga. I mean, Marilyn Monroe.
My super favorite, elephant show. I fed them.
DSC_0777 DSC_0782 Gah! I’m dying of cuteness. A leopard cat.
Evolution of man.

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