Perks of magnesium sulfate

My baby Kattelyn is 3 months old now. But before we came into this enjoyable time with her, we’ve been into a situation where my faith was really tested.

March 2, 2013; During my 33rd week prenatal checkup, I, hubby and our OB, Dra. Amelita Jover were all somehow ok yet not in a so good situation. She checked my blood pressure and it was fine but i have a history that my bp went up during the early days of the week. She really wants to admit me at San Juan de Dios Hospital that time for she wants to monitor my baby and been worried about my high blood pressure. Yet, hubby signed a waiver and we went home. I was afraid then. I gained 6lbs in a week! That’s very alarming! My face is really sore. my legs are big and cold and heavy. I can hardly walk. I just take a rest at home and still monitoring my bp in both manual and automatic. Even getting my bp makes my hand hurt. I was so worry. I and hubby went to the nearest clinic and have my bp check by a doctor. No, it’s 160/120, 150/100, 140/110. Consistent high blood pressure. We went home, take a bath, have a nap and read about pre-eclampsia. I have every symptoms i read, and what scare me the most is that anytime soon, i can feel like my tummy is contracting without even knowing that my uterus is detaching to my body already. And so i decided to go to University of Perpetual Help Medical Center and be checkup by a resident ob in emergency room. Yes, i am ready. I accept it that i might be into pre-term labor. Keith is ready and our important things are packed already. After checking my bp like 6times. Resident OB told me that i am admitted and my OB knew it already. I receive a steroid shot for my baby’s lung support for development. My IV got put on and wore my gown. Gah, this is it! My first ever hospitalization.

I went directly to labor room. Everything happens so fast! Here’s the catheter; They place a device on my tummy to monitor heartbeat and contraction; Different shot that i never know what for; And here’s comes the magnesium sulfate. Nah! a nightmare! This shot will help me on not to get seizure because of my pre-eclampsia. Holy Jesus! I feel like i’m gonna be Hulk during the shot! I perspire so much! Hotness all over my body. First shot is given thru IV then the rest is given at the butt. No! I can hardly lie down. I can’t find a good position. It’s like i’m so drunk! I’m so helpless, and alone and i wanna breakdown. I need someone to comfort me from my pain. I need my husband. 🙁 But he’s not allowed. And so all i can do is pray, talk to God and have faith.

I have no choice but to increase more the level of my pain tolerance. Yes, i’m a masochist, and i have to be one. But a request to God and to my OB, to see my husband early in the morning. And yes, Thank You Lord for answering my prayer! Dra. Jover visited me at 7am and allowing Keith to enter the labor room and bring me to our private room but only until 11am. Still good deal though?! I was happy crying seeing Keith and the feeling that “Dy, i have lots of stories to tell. The magnesium sulfate Dy.” My ob is really worried about me since my blood pressure is still consistently high and i am crying every time. Please take me home! I wanna go home. I want to sleep beside my husband on our bed.

Uh-oh, i’m now bleeding! I told my ob that it was just about the catheter. She ordered the nurse to change my urine bag and let me drink water. Oh no, i still pee a blood! Sorry Chet, we have to undergo an emergence cesarean. Whew! Katte, why so early?!




Though these things happen to us, God teaches me so much. He answered all my prayers, but not in all way that i wanted to be.. I pray for an easy delivery; and so He didn’t let me undergo painful labor at all! We made it through shortcut.. A cesarean section delivery; When i was having a hard time to urinate, i pray to Him to please let me. He didn’t, because He wants me to learn to stand and appreciate the use of binder on my tummy and won’t stay all the time in a bedpan. And so i did! I can walk and go to the toilet at night on my own; And God knows that i wasn’t able to carry Katte on my edema situation, that i can hardly walk, and so He just let Katte to be this 1.79kg light so i can take care of her and my body at the same time; I finally learn how to understand God’s work in my life, In my family’s life. I see the beauty in all things He have done. He taught me on how to surrender my family to Him. A beautiful story of my life. Thanks be to God, to my family and friends. and to the magnesium sulfate for saving me and Katte to seizure.

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