Preschool in Las Pinas City

Katie will be 3years old and 3 months this coming school year. She’s been doing very well on her occupational and speech therapy according to her teachers. So I and Keith believe, it’s time to send her to a pre-school to enhance and improve more of her skills. Going to school is a milestone so we really prepare ourselves on this. We started on the following:

  1. Do our research on the schools near our area.
  2. Read reviews and recommendations from other moms.
  3. Review the school background.
  4. Look for some photos of class activities as much as possible.
  5. Personally visit the campus and checkout their learning materials.
  6. Consider tuition fee and its inclusion.
  7. Consider attending trial class on the school we are interested in.

Well, it’s not that hard for us to decide since we agreed upon to pay Katte in monthly basis first since we don’t want to waste tuition if in case we need to withdraw Katte for some reason. And we don’t consider placing Katte yet in a big school so she will not get overwhelm on the change we will be having on her daily routine.

So here are the preschools near or within Las Pinas City that you might want to consider while doing yours too:

  1. Bright Discovery Toddler Learning Center
    – They have 2 classrooms. Learning materials are ok. However, the waiting area is small and no outdoor area for some activities. No uniforms.
    13405501_10153728021681089_1789276199_o 13388926_10153728021636089_137337633_o 13405314_10153728021546089_1797329462_o 13410792_10153728021656089_1287817687_o 13396917_10153728020936089_1772175385_o 13389218_10153728020956089_391096943_o
  2. Kencare Learning Center
    – It’s a traditional preschool. Campus looks ok. Like a house actually. 🙂 They have uniform and the student teacher ratio is 15:1 I supposed.
    13396953_10153728020971089_465583241_o 13396642_10153728020976089_1137326297_o
  3. JoseMaria Montessori School
    – It’s a progressive school and a genuine montessori learning. 8:1 student ratio. No waiting area. Has school uniform.
  4. Cambridge Child Development Centre
    – Progressive school having an eclectic approach on learning. It is also a Singapore International Preschool. 10: 1 student teacher ratio. Snacks is included. They have cctv in waiting area so you can have a glance of your child’s activity. As much we want Katte to enroll here, we still think that 100k is really too much for a preschool. 🙂
  5. Prep camp (Preparatory camp: A school for early learners)
    -The campus is big for a preschool learning. They have big garden for children’s outdoor activities.
    13389360_10153728021086089_864464566_o 13410733_10153728021146089_1578823950_o 13396865_10153728021291089_1561969690_o
  6. Mindbuilders Preschool
    -Katte had her summer class here last year. Facilities are ok. I’ve watched some of their activities and it was really a good start of learning. We didn’t inquire for a tuition this schoolyear though. But last year as we inquired, it was at 70k.
    IMG_2474 IMG_2480 IMG_2484


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