First Wedding attended by The Ramoses


Katie’s Ninong TJ had finally tied knot to Ninang Yoko last October 19, 2013. And so The Ramoses are part of the entourage. I, being one of the bridesmaid, Keith as part of Groomsmen and Katie as the tiniest flower girl haha. I so love their motiff, gray, blush pink and nude colors. So since the men ento will be wearing gray barong, I decided to have our gowns gray too. 🙂

I like my gown to be lacey instead of having it beaded because Katie’s skin is so sensitive that it easily gets red if something rough touches her. So Khai Villanueva selects me this kind of lace and fabric. I super love Khai! He exactly knows what i want haha. I just send her pegs and she execute my gown uniquely in style! These will definitely never be the last of our Alta Costura by Khai Villanueva creation. 🙂

The pegs:

photo 1 photo 2

During our measurement with Khai Villanueva himself. Katie is so excited and attentive haha!


Our first fitting: Katie loves her blossom skirt gown! Khai sketched this one too! 🙂

IMG_1633 IMG_1641 IMG_1644 IMG_1651

And the photos on the wedding day.


Back details:

IMG_1696 IMG_1697

IMG_1703 IMG_1710 IMG_1715

Katie has a silver accent as a belt.


Photos from Larry Leong and Liz of Imagination:

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