Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea?

Are you heading to Tokyo Japan? Are you confused on what to visit between Disneyland or Disney Sea? Well both of them are magical and beautiful!

Disneyland has legendary Pooh ride, Small world and Space Mountain which I think is really a must visit especially for first timers. Monster’s Inc ride is very popular and is a hit so this is really worth a try. Parade in Disneyland is held in the street.

While Disney Sea has attraction and rides in water that makes it unique and different. Toy Story Mania is one of Katte and Gwen’s favorite. Agrabah or The Sultan’s palace is so realistic! This area is a copycat of the movie that made it very beautiful. Katte loves riding Jasmine’s Flying carpet in cold windy weather. And of course, our favorite, the Ariel’s playground! We spent much time here and ride almost everything. We also had our lunch in Mermaid Lagoon. We ordered pizza, pasta and chicken nuggets for the girls. Parade in Disney Sea is held in water. That made it different to Disneyland and to other park I think.

We enjoyed both! We suggest to try them if you’re a tourist visiting Tokyo. Just get ready for long and tiring walks.

at Mermaid Lagoon in Disney Sea
at Mermaid Lagoon in Disney Sea
At Toy Story Mania in Disneyland

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