We won Lebron X Cork!

Keith joined a raffle for Lebron X Cork shoes to Reed Ma Kickz on facebook. He paid for P1000 for his entry and raffle is limited to 35 entries only with 3 max per person. Draw is live via ustream and posted after in his page. This is his second time to join the raffle. First, raffle will win AM1 yeezy colorway and foam posite camo.

Keith is holding Katte while watching the live draw while i was lying down and browsing. Keith gave me his phone and showed me that his name won! haha i scream at my highest pitch and cried for joy! Man, that’s worth Php35k! Ohh yes, Thanks God! After all my joy, i told Keith to pass Kattelyn  to me… it’s his time to rejoice! haha He paid another Php1k for the  shipping fee since that will be coming from US then will pickup at Johnny Air Cargo at SM Megamall after 10 days. Here are the photos of the shoes:






The shoes is really made of cork. It was really nice! This is originally priced at $199 but since Nike released only 100 pieces, so this became limited and rare; and the valued appreciate! Keith posted this to Philippine Sneakerheads Community on facebook that he’s selling this for P35k. Ohh boy, only likes and trades. We want money! Keith plan to buy me an LV totally when he sell this. But life is very unexpected as we may know. Keith’s mom rushed to emergency and need to undergo an operation. She has galstone and this needs to be removed. We don’t worry too much because she has maxicare under Keith and our boss diagnose likely and she just spent 80k. But when his mom got admitted, no available semi-private room, only suite room.. another thing, mama has no Philhealth! and she can’t be Keith’s dependent because she’s no more than 60y/o yet. Ohh no! I know we have to shoulder its excess. Ting! The Lebron X Cork! I texted pimp_kicks(ig nusername) immediately. P22k budget, Paul Artadi replied. And I never got this second thought on, “no let’s just wait. maybe someone will buy on higher amount”. We need money! And i believe this is God’s way of saying, “this is the plan”. I told ya! I finally knew how to read God’s mind 😉 and this is how He design it! We won because He wants to let Keith know how it feels to win; He wants Keith to learn on not to give up! Take his chances! God knows the right time; and when it comes, He’ll give the most perfect gift he’ll ever receive! (LebronX Cork over Airmax and Foam posite). He reminds Keith that it’s not all about the money. His mom needs him; needs us. and so God always provides. He never fails to provide us! And last reminder? We’re Jordan lover not Lebron’s! although he’s a die hard fan, but when it comes to shoes? Ohh J’s of course! 🙂



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