Welcome to Christianity, Gwen

We booked our schedule to Shrine of Jesus Mall of Asia 2 weeks prior to our target baptism date. And it was totally rushed for I and Keith to prepare her baptism like 10 days before! We have to finalize the reception venue, create design for the souvenir, send  invites for the guests; Buy tokens for Ninongs; Shop  for our clothes and most especially, prepare my DIYs for the venue. Haha the power of mom has been challenged again.

Church: Shrine of Jesus Mall of Asia
Reception: Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater
Giveaway: Mike and Marlo Ecobags and Souvenirs shop
Token for Ninang: Victoria Secret Body Mist and Lotion c/o Ninang Apple
Token for Ninong: Giordano Basic Tee
Sweet treat: Oreo pops by @sweetsenoritaph

So we chose Banzai among other reception venues we’ve inquired because they offer us nice deal for 80pax or  more; and they have wide range of menus from Japanese to Italian to Filipino; and  unlimited drinks are included on the buffet package; plus guests will surely enjoy their buffet time from 5:30PM – 11PM;

free cake from Banzai
 free clip bows for kid’s and kids at heart guests 🙂  oreo pops from Sweet Senorita
 eco bag made by Mike and Marlo Ecobags Mike were able to finished 100 ecobags in 5 days.  11414604_10204669131670365_1433079382_n DIY paper flower garland; Ninong and Ninangs souvenir
   some of the food from buffet. those are great 😉

KeithChet copy Gwen Baptism Invitation

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Christianity, Gwen

    1. i think around 2k-3k. Free 1 ninong/ninang. Then addtional 100 per ninong and ninang. It also includes candle and yung white bib i think? sorry I forgot what it’s called. 🙂

  1. Hi Lizette, anong time ang baptism ni baby sa Shrine of Jesus? We are planning to have the baptism of our child there sometime in January. Also,
    we are OFW and we only have very limited time for the arrangement, like 15 days or less. Does the church require the parents to arrange the
    baptism or is it fine to have someone to arrange everything? Do they also require parish permit as Shrine of Jesus is not our parish church?
    Appreciate your response. By the way, the restaurant you have chosen looks very nice, were you the one who designed the venue? And, were the
    foods worth the price? We might consider to have the reception there. 🙂

    1. Hi Karl. Thank you for dropping by my page.

      Gwen’s baptism was 4:30PM. 30 minutes for the ceremony. strict sila on schedule. Just in time sa dinner buffet. 🙂

      Banzai’s dinner starts at 6pm. pero at 5PM, they allow guests to enter na. Wide selection from filipino menu, korean and japanese menu 🙂 The guests are happy naman on the food. Ramen is just average 🙂 Pero in all, it was great!

      I supposed it’s fine to have someone to arrange them for you. Authorization Letter perhaps? No seminars. Requirements are birth certificate, marriage contract and endorsement letter from your parish. Select your sched, submit requirements then payment. It’s as easy as that 🙂

      For the venue, I just design it by myself. It was simple so I just have someone to do it for me. Just gave her instructions.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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